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Welcome to New Brunswick Paranormal Investigations. We here at N.B.P.I., hope that we can offer you some information that we have collected on the paranormal field of Ghosts/Hauntings. Before you continue reading please take a look at the fantastic article on the most haunted places in new jersey. Paranormal Investigating is an un proven science with many people offering different theories on this field. As of yet nothing is concrete. No matter what you believe to be true, there are always more questions to be answered. We are not going to overload you with too much information but we hope that by using our website, you can find some useful information provided by N.B.P.I. as well as links to many other credible sites to which we accredit as educating ourselves as well. Today nothing is for sure in this field of investigation, but everyone working together, sharing information and techniques and having a positive open mind, tomorrow we might be that much closer to the answers.


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August 24, 2007


It is with deep regret and sadness that we announce the passing of one of our founding members and close friend. David Fry. AKA “Digger”.  David was a devoted husband and father that  had a love for life with a strong drive to learn about what awaits you on the other side. Even though David is gone from us in body, we are sure his spirit will live on and continue his journey in other ways. 


We won’t forget you old friend..